Most people do not get or understand what one goes through in order to function in society. Some
have an easier time than others.  The stigma I experience on a daily basis is not going away anytime soon. I believe this is occurring because
individuals having Cancer, Heart Disease, or Diabetes, have an easier time being accepted in society than those
with a Mental Disability. Essentially, a Disability is a Disability, whether Mental or Physical.

Bipolar is an emotional disorder. I could be happy one minute, and sad or irritable the next moment
without notice. As a result, it affects everything I do, from hygiene to functioning in the world. It has
been my experience that those individuals who are exposed to this, for the most part, are baffled and do
know how to properly respond. Sometimes when individuals communicate with me, I feel we are speaking in foreign languages.

When there is a tendency or difficulty on my part in expressing my thoughts and/or words to the person receiving the message, sometimes they become impatient.