I have come across individuals who have zero tolerance or patience for me, especially when I am not
feeling well or do not feel like myself. Ironically speaking, when they have a problem or an issue
involving anxiety or stress in their lives, they want me to be sympathetic and show empathy. Yes, I
sometimes do not feel well because of meds, change in weather, or other known/unknown factors.
Colds, Flu, and Headaches they do understand; when emotional issues and mental issues come into play,
then all the hard work one has done to make peace with the non-disabled individual has gone out the
window, and it is back to square one. At that point, my only friend is my therapist who will talk to me on
the phone for a little while. I appreciate their diligence in going above and beyond the call of duty.
After all, they work hard during office hours, and are tired after a hard day’s work to deal with me.

When someone stigmatizes me for whatever reason, I have to work hard to get back on track.
Sometimes this takes seconds, minutes, or hours. There is no written formula. All I can do is use the
techniques Mindfulness has taught me and apply them to the situation. Sometimes it is emotionally
painful or draining. If not caught in time, I miss out on the festivities that I was going to attend before not
feeling well. Nine times out of ten, if I have to leave an event, I contact my doctor and have to wait for
the returned phone call.

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