The reason why I believe Mental Illness is so difficult for one to understand, is because it involves a
chemical imbalance of the brain, medication which can be affected by changes in weather, and
mood swings, just as examples of obstacles. I find that I can get along with just about anyone for a while; and
then all of a sudden I get moody and nobody wants to deal with me. I understand where they are
coming from. In my defense, there is no known cure for my illness and sometimes the best prescription
is to take a chill pill. I have used that on several occasions, and sometimes that takes time to kick in.
From time to time I have Anxiety Attacks, which can best be described from my perspective as if my
body was trapped underneath a giant boulder. Each one is painful and requires strenuous and
exhausting mental work, lasting anywhere from a couple of minutes to hours, in order to move the
boulder. By practicing a blueprint of my Mindfulness techniques designed by a therapist, the anxiety attack
goes away the majority of the time. While all this is going on, I have had to miss social gatherings, celebrations,
and holidays, among other things.

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