In February 2016, I began the practice of Mindfulness, and within 9 weekly sessions I mentally aged from age 15 to 45.  Mindfulness, a form of meditation, focuses on what is happening in the present moment.  Thinking about or obsessing about the past or future can contribute to depressed feelings and anxiety.  After my first session and some practice, I noticed a difference in how I related to my own thoughts and feelings.  I was better able to manage what I was feeling instead of getting controlled by them. Today I am happy to report that I am now able to notice what is happening, and not get overtaken by it.

My friends and certain members of my family started treating me with dignity, integrity, and respect (3 things I was yearning for, for over 20 years, and never received.)  It is through this experience, I realized individuals in my life were not responsible for my persona and began taking responsibility of finding, discovering, and re-discovering traits/characteristics hidden from deep inside just waiting to shine.   Since the first Mindfulness session, I now have solid friendships, and a positive outlook on life (just to name 2).  Being kind and mindful are important pieces in life.  My experience with kindness and Mindfulness have made me into a more mellow, calm, cool, optimistic, and peaceful person.

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