What has been missing in my life since being diagnosed in 1995 with Bipolar is an emotional support
team outside of my Therapist’s and Doctors’ offices, is support from certain family members and acquaintances.
If I am not feeling well, I call the Therapists and Doctors only if it is an emergency. Having an emotional
support team did not exist until just recently.  I think this happened because they did not understand my illness or
disability and did not know the proper way in responding to my actions and did not want to get
involved. Throughout this ordeal, I was alone because nobody cared or wanted to understand my illness
and disability. At times I felt scared, sad, angry, upset, annoyed, hopeless, and helpless. After years of
explaining my illness to people and having a more optimistic view of life, there are individuals who are
getting with the program. Back then, if I had a game plan I could share with people, one in which we
would work as a team by communicating from each other’s viewpoint what is working and what is not working.
Then there is room for improvement through revisit, revise, and implement when necessary. This is
nothing more than common sense.

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