We all have some form of a disability.  If we were all perfect, our functional abilities would be the
equivalent of a robot.  We all have strengths and weaknesses.  By not acknowledging our weaknesses
and asking for help when needed, we are missing an opportunity to hopefully reduce our stress and anxiety levels.

There is work to be done to reach my goals.

GOAL ONE:  Lift the stigma of mental illness by raising awareness.

Currently, I am a one-man operation; and I am in the early stages of developing a plan, which will not happen overnight.  By integrating my findings from 46 years of: 1) Studying the Human Condition,  2) Observing Human Interaction,  3) Applying appropriate experiences, educational background, and knowledge from my own personal life, 4) Applying Mindfulness lessons I am taught, 5) Applying the Mind-Body-Spirit connection from Wellness, and 6) Applying wisdom; I am determined in achieving my goals.

GOAL TWO: Make people see things from both sides of the aisle.  For example, if I were speaking to a class of 7th graders and they were giving their teacher a hard time, I would change their attitudes so the teacher could do their job.  I would say to the class, “How many people like to give their teacher a hard time?”  I would then ask a student who raised their hand, “Do you give your doctor a hard time?  Your doctor and teacher have different jobs to do, and both went to college.  Your doctor’s job is to make sure you stay healthy and treat you when you are sick.  Your teacher’s job is to prepare you for life by means of repeating the same information over and over again so you can become productive, contributing members of society.  Without an education and mastery of basic skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic, the American Dream you see on TV and surviving in the world will be difficult to maneuver in.  The more time you spend giving your teacher grief, the less chance you have for the material being presented to register and sink into your brain.”

Please submit all inquiries including suggestions, ideas, comments, thoughts, or personal testimonials and stories, and questions along with your: 1) name,  2)email address, 3) telephone number,  4) FAX   number, 5) Skype name,  6) the organization’s name if you are a place of employment,  volunteerships, internships, residencies, and/or fellowships.

Finally, I am conducting a survey with a question you might be interested in answering….In your opinion, what are the biggest misconceptions among non-disabled individuals regarding people who have Mental and Physical Disabilities?  Because you are an important member in the community, I value your opinion and appreciate your time in responding.  Furthermore, I look forward to reading your response.

A dream of mine is to help find cures for Mental Disabilities.  Making this a reality will require fundraising for organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, who are already doing research in this field.  Careful planning in order to achieve this goal will be needed.



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