Hello, my name is Glenn Goldman. I am the Unofficial Spokesperson for Mental Health, focusing my
attention on Mental Disabilities and Mental Illnesses. I give myself this title because I believe there is
work to be done in society in lifting stigmas attached to Mental Health, as well as fundraising for
research to find cures for the various illnesses. If society is ever going to be stigma-free of Mental
Illnesses and Disorders, perceptions and attitudes from the non-disabled community must change.
Reading this blog is the first step. Below is a thorough explanation of my Illness.

My Illness, Bipolar, affects my functioning abilities and provides countless opportunities to overcome
obstacles, makes my life unique & exciting; resulting in an appreciation and respect for myself as a
person with deficits, making my willingness and desire to believe in achieving my goals. The following is
based on my personal experience, knowledge, and background of living with it and the mind-body-
spirit connection. Results might vary from person-to-person taking into consideration psychological,
physiological, mental, and physical factors.

Being Bipolar has shown and taught me the value of goodness in my soul through human interaction and observation.
Each lesson I incorporate and integrate portions applicable to my beliefs and values, thus sharing the
knowledge and wisdom with other people.

The content in this blog is from my perspective, first person. References made to “Individuals” and/or
“People”, are solely referred to and assumed in the general context. No inferences are implied to, and/or
referred to, and/or insinuated to anyone who knows me from my past or present life. Personal
experiences from other people who are Bipolar may vary.

Most people when they think of Mental Illness, they think of “psycho” or “crazy”, and tend to be
uncomfortable around those individuals. I have had to accept and come to terms with this, and
surround myself with people who can accept me for who I am and my disability.


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