Life brings ups, downs, and several changes at different times through one’s existence.  Values and beliefs play a vital role in the direction of an unknown journey.  Optimism leads to a more positive resolution fulfilled with joy and happiness making the path easier to maneuver, to digest, and accept.  Whatever the outcome, have backup plans suiting your pallet.

The way information is sometime presented to each other, can be misleading, misconstrued, or not understood at all.  Patience is a virtue and can take a backseat when both parties are speaking to each other at the same time, without even listening to what each other is saying.  Calming nerves through breathing can alleviate the tension and resolve this problem.  When people do not listen, arguments and fights could arise.  In addition, it is not healthy for the mind, body, and soul; which could result in stress to the mind, body, and soul with detrimental ramifications such as high blood pressure, tightness in the chest, and heart problems.

Being at peace with one’s self, is the name of the game with Mindfulness.  Longevity can be enhanced and disease can be controlled & hopefully reduced, if one would practice Mindfulness and Wellness.  The steps are simple which can accommodate a busy lifestyle or work schedule.

As a subscriber to Mindfulness and Wellness, my life has been enriched and enhanced dramatically both personally and privately.  For years, I had a gray cloud above me, and I was going nowhere in life.  Just by making a few adjustments, my life changed for the better.  Today, I am happy and have a bright future.  By changing my attitude and behavior where I could accept myself for who I am, has made all the difference in the world.  I must admit, I get flashbacks from time to time, however, with proper breathing, personal pep talks, and affirmations I give myself, the flashbacks disappear instantly.  This makes me feel alive and rejuvenated, and I have more positive energy to move forward, upward, and onward, with my life.